Posted by Leah Phillips - Civil Celebrant on 14/04/2017

You only stand there for an hour and you charge HOW MUCH?

You only stand there for an hour and you charge HOW MUCH?

It's the question on everyone's lips... How Much do you Charge...  as they see their bank accounts dwindle from what appears like a never ending list of needs and wants for your special day, they  cringe at your response and sometimes it inevitably comes out as a surprised 'but you are only there for an hour!'

To the naked eye, you are right, we arrive on your special day anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before you, set up our wares, test the sound, music, check aisles for holes if we are outside, check inside locations for lighting, fans and airflow, greet guests, photographers, seat guests in some instances and if needed help in any other way we can.   

Then the ceremony starts and ends, and we pack away our wares and leave.

So when we mention a figure, it is only this hour that you have seen us working.  

But that's only a small part of  it.  

From the first phone call to the submitting of paperwork, the hours in between can sometimes not be calculated.   Every couple is different and from that first phone call, to the meetings and emails , we are constantly researching the couple.

There are weddings that can take between 10-15 hours to prepare for due to Visa arrangements, travel and research.  And whilst you don't see us working, there is so much  to be done by a Celebrant before your wedding day.

Each ceremony is different, so depending on your style of ceremony, the writing and creativity can also be a factor which takes time to research., even finding the right reading to match the style of ceremony is vitally important, as you really need everything to suit the couple for whom you are working for...

Weddings are also hold legalities.  The wording and paperwork must be 100% correct for it to meet the Marriage Act of  1961.

And  the cost of your celebrant may also include ; a PA system, Music Downloads, Table , Chairs & Decorations, Wedding Stationary and of course  the hour that they are at the ceremony location ensuring all is perfect!

It may seem like a lot of money, but when  it is broken down to an hourly rate, your Celebrant is probably the least expensive item of your wedding day, yet we are the most required!

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