Posted by Creation Corner on 20/04/2017

The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Invitation Design and Content

The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Invitation Design and Content

The Dos and Don’ts  of Wedding invitation Design and Content. 


A wedding invitation is made to announce your big day and you want this announcement to reflect your personality and the way your day is going to pan out, so it is an important part of the preparations.

I have come across couples who say things like “It’s only a wedding invitation, people are going to throw them in the bin, so I don’t want to spend very much on them. I will order them from eg: Budget so and so, I’ll make them myself".  The list goes on and on.

This is all very well and good and no one said you had to break the bank to get a nice invitation out. Just don’t make it trashy. Your guests will be influenced by your invitation, if it looks cheap and nasty, your guests won’t make as much of an effort for your big day unlike receiving an impressive invitation.

My advice on the design itself is - less is more. Some couples want the works on their invitations, but this can often lead to a mish mash of designs and colours. Don’t go there!

Keep your colours simple. Neutrals are usually the best. If you want to keep your invitation for ever, you will find that colours, especially bright ones date. You’ll be looking at that card down the track and think, “what was I thinking?” This rule of thumb does not apply for digitally printed cards.

Pick a nice stock. The quality of the card reflects the elegance of the day just as much as the design. Make it look classy.

When your designer sends you the proof, make sure you read it. Anything can go wrong!!!

So unless you want Harry marrying Tony instead of Tania, check all your proofs. This has happened by the way.

Get another pair of eyes to check your proof.

And finally give some time to your designer to make your invitations. Invitations usually go out 6-8 weeks before but sometimes people like to send them out even earlier. Whenever you want them, make sure you give your designer a suitable time frame to make the cards for you. A month is ideal. This way stock can be ordered and organised, proofs can be triple checked and the details refined….

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