Posted by Deb Stallard Civil Marriage Celebrant on 27/04/2017

OHHH NOOO...Writing Your Own Wedding Vows!

OHHH NOOO...Writing Your Own Wedding Vows!

Writing Your Wedding vows???... many couples PANIC at the thought of this!!!

Well...a CELEBRANT can HELP with this, and very happy to do so!

Your wedding vows to each other can be the same; different; creative;

keep them secret from each other (simply by personal email or mail individually to your celebrant)

Feel free to include ideals, humour and aspects of your relationship that are important to you. 

The main idea is to express a little of your life plans for your futures.

Google wedding vows and so many ideas will appear.

“Cut & Paste” and make them sound credible to your personality & ideals.

A Try to avoid lines starting “I will” “I promise”, 

as in life, sometimes these best intentions can create an unrealistic expectation on your vows!

A good celebrant will suggest a “writing style” to align your ideas.

That will help make it easier to repeat line-by-line from the celebrant,

As you join hands and “look into your beloved’s face” to present your vow.

The vow can be prepared ahead on a card or in a “letter form” to read on the day

if that is the chosen option.

Some chivalrous romantics’ can “present the vow on one knee”

Dry eyed friends beware!

Memorising your pledge of vow is a skill that many feel too nervous,

busy or unfamiliar about, also if you prepare the pledge before a spontaneous speech on the day, the essence can be printed in the ceremony copy your celebrant will prepare for you to keep in your “memories collection.”

Legally a line including the words “in front of these witnesses”

needs to be inserted in the vow.

Your celebrant can help tuck that into a corner of the speech!

Wishing you the most amazing marriage journey ahead!

DEB STALLARD    " a Celebration"       xx

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