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FYI: Bespoke Marriage Ceremony

FYI:   Bespoke Marriage Ceremony

FYI:      Bespoke Marriage Ceremony

Sometimes it can be a daunting experience as to where to start with regards to the wording for a marriage ceremony. That’s where I am honoured and delighted to share my experience and love of my job as a Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant.

Of course there is the basic legal marriage ceremony, personalised to a certain degree, as required by the marrying couple or perhaps a couple may be after something more.....

I believe I have a “flair” for writing a tailor made (Bespoke) marriage ceremony, which reflects upon a couple, their values, interests and the way they wish to celebrate and perhaps also enact a meaningful ritual/tradition to further enhance their love and commitment ceremony.

Every couple’s love story is unique, regardless of perhaps similar life circumstances for example never been validly married or maybe one party to the marriage having been married before, with children.   Regardless of the many different scenarios I encounter, the “love story” is totally different for each couple.

After all we are unique individuals, special and outstanding in our own way. So why not celebrate this and make your “Life celebration” a reflection of you, be meaningful and relevant.

So how do I go about gathering and understanding your individuality, ascertaining your requirements, building your service to honour your uniqueness, your traditions and culture. Simply I am interested, I love what I do and I want your Marriage ceremony, or indeed any life celebration ceremony you may be considering, to be yours, to celebrate your way within the defines of legal requirements, other than that we are only limited by our imagination.

I welcome your queries and would love to meet you, obligation free to ascertain how you wish to celebrate your milestone occasion.

Jenny at Celebrations with Flair – Celebrant

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