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Elope To The Beautiful Hawkesbury!

Elope To The Beautiful Hawkesbury!

Are you feeling stressed about your wedding? Really hate the idea of something big and overwhelming? Do you long for something simple but can't think how to still make it an 'event' and something beautiful without it having to feel like a 'three-ring circus'??

Elopements used to have that ring of 'fakeness' about them - that idea that you've run away instead and cheated everyone, including yourselves, of the proper wedding.....but NO MORE!

Eloping can be a very sensible, simple and yet lovely and meaningful event, IF it's done WELL.

Why elope?  Its smaller, simpler, easier, bypassed all those family arguments about where to have it, who to invite, how expensive to feed everyone, finding a venue big enough, competing for time, having to fit between every other couple booking the same place on the same day (esepcially true of public garden weddings!)  etc etc - all those things which can rob a couple of their peaceof mind and joy about their OWN event!

I specialise in Elopement Packages in the beautiful Hawkesbury region, just over an hour from Sydney and up into the North East area of the Blue Mountains. I have access to unusual venues and some private gardens so you will not be sharing your event with another couple.  I can source local suppliers so you can add on any extra things you would like OR keep it as simple as you want.

The point is to keep it as a 'one-stop-shop' so you are not having to deal with a million people and things at once.

The idea with elopments is to think 'outside the box'!  Keep your 'elements' simple and be flexible to get the best deal you can.

I suggest and offer the following:

Celebrant services (all documentation), personalised ceremony, no more than 8 guests (plus yourselves), bubbly available to share immediately after ceremony, select your add-ons such as styling supplied all set up for you and then taken away OR I can provide a signing table,  simple flowers/corsages, hair and make up done locally, a car service if you'd like that, a booking for your guests to have lunch or dinner afterwards at a local restaurant OR a picnic basket delivered for you and or your guests to enjoy at a local park, overnight accomodation locally if required, recommendations for local events such as the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens, hot air balloning etc.

Price is on application so call me and talk it over to see if this is a good option for you!

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